Tuesday, May 19, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

I had some high hopes for this one. The previews and early buzz were positive. But what happened was really a mess of a movie. I think I hate seeing a mediocre movie worse than a bad one. At least a bad movie is all bad, whereas a mediocre one has glimpses of greatness that tend to make the bad parts stand out. This is the problem with Wolverine.

The BAD:
1. Special effects at times looked awful and cartoonish.
2. The story was muddled and silly.
3. So many mutants! So many wasted characters!
4. Breaks continuity from the other films.
5. Lots of other nitpicks available on request.

The Good:
1. A few great scenes. The best being when he gets his adamantium
2. Liev Schrieber- Outstanding actor. He was my pick for Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight. Has lots of menace in his presence.



sue said...

What is adamantium?

Jason Kennedy said...

It's the indestructible metal that covers his bones and claws.