Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't Go Outside!!!

Hey kids, when you go outside this afternoon, be sure to stay away from the GIANT SPIDER EATING A BIRD by the fence!!!

This picture was taken in someone's backyard in Australia. It's real!

I am constantly amazed by God's creation.

This speaks for itself

Here's a great cartoon by Erin Bonsteel from

Monday, October 13, 2008


What I can't understand is why so much "Christian" stuff out there is simply a knock-off of some other popular product. Guitar Hero is a very popular and, yes, fun game. So does that mean that by default someone in the church has to copy it? I'm thinking especially of t-shirts that take a motto or a phrase that someone has worked hard on and invested a lot of time and money in only to have someone else come in and make it sound Christian and put it on a shirt or other product. The "Got Jesus?" shirt comes to mind. How much time and money was invested in coming up with "Got milk?", only to have that idea highjacked by a christian t-shirt guy wanting to make a buck using our Lord's name. If anything, should we as God's people be creative and inventive, and not simply copying or stealing other ideas?