Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Break Reading

I always look forward to breaks because it gives me a chance to break out of the routine and actually get some reading done. I have been wanting to read Atlas Shrugged for awhile now, but especially after reading Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. I'm sure that I'll never watch The Incredibles the same way ever again. Hopefully I'll plow through it and can write a review soon, although I doubt I'll bring anything new to the discussion of Objectivism. Keller's The Reason for God is the next book that my small group is reading together. I only have to read a chapter a week, but the book is so engaging that I may have to read the whole thing and then re-read each chapter week by week. This is actually the first book by Keller that I will have read, but I am familiar with his work at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York. I am disappointed that there is no fiction that has caught my eye. Hopefully George R.R. Martin will get his next book out soon.

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